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Harmooniline Kodu has made it its heart-matter of making the construction of the customer’s dream home a worry-free journey for him.

That's why we offer our customers for the standard house projects full real estate management service - or "turnkey" solutions.

If necessary, we will take on all the thorns and effort associated with construction, and we will help – without losing the whole picture - the client to orientate themselves in the maze of problems that arise when building real estate.

In this way, we want to work as a customer’s guide and advisor and at the same time act as his personal extension.

Our homes will be built in collaboration with architects, engineers and construction experts.

We offer the construction of a home with all the necessary additional work and administration from the building permit to the authorization for use - that is, we organize the entire project from the design until you move in.

Managing a home construction project can be a very complicated, time-consuming and risky process if a person with no previous experience is responsible for it.

We believe that building your dream home should definitely not be a stressful, time-consuming or risky process. At least not for you.

With years of experience in managing and organizing construction projects, we are happy to take on all the “stressful” roles and responsibilities so you can do what you want without having to worry whether the construction project will be approved, whether the construction company actually will be doing quality work or what materials actually keep the house warm during a decent winter.

There is charm in simplicity

The whole process is extremely easy for you - you choose a suitable home from our element houses (or we will create a completely new house project with you according to your vision / wishes) and we will take care of the administration and construction (obtaining a building permit, preparing all necessary acts, and obtaining an authorisation for use at the end of construction).

All general construction and special parts are performed by our long-term partner, whose quality of work and also after-sales service we can be sure of.

With us, the construction is fast and of high quality, the constructions of the houses are completed in the factory and the box of the house is erected with a crane following a specific project developed by the engineer.

The choice of homes has three modern interior decoration packages with timeless lines - Standard, Premium 1 and Premium 2 packages, which are based on quality and the latest design trends, all you have to do is choose a package and we will take care of everything else.
The main value of ordering a home with turnkey service through us is the bold knowledge that you do not have to be on the construction site all the time, but get peace of mind and freedom over your time.

We offer a 2-year warranty for construction work, which means that after two years we will inspect the home and, if necessary, perform warranty works.

The equipment is guaranteed by the manufacturer and we also offer after-sales service for maintenance and in case of failures.

Harmooniline Kodu uses the Benpan Nordic precast concrete house technology, which enables the house structure to be fully manufactured in the factory. Each piece of wall is measured with millimeter precision, so that later assembly is like a Lego game.
Ready-made elements arrive from the factory, which are installed on the foundation and, if necessary, finished - leaving the facade with real concrete, a plastered surface, a wooden facade or something else. This means that the walls of the new home will be arise in just a few days.
The concrete elements are made of reinforced fiber concrete, into which insulation panels, communications and piping are already integrated. It also gives the opportunity to carry out construction work at any time of the year and guarantees the highest energy class and lower heating costs.In the modern world, every building is a long-term investment. We pay great attention to the quality of our products and materials, so that the buildings built from them last as long as possible. We trust and value the highly valued strength and durability of concrete. Concrete can be cut in different shapes and sizes, which ensures unlimited design possibilities. Compared to wooden construction, concrete is significantly more resistant to fire damage, external noise and storm winds.
If before it could be said that building a concrete house is rather time-consuming, expensive and intended only for large buildings, new technology proves the opposite, giving us the opportunity to create a home for a reasonable price in just 100 days.

Advantages of the concrete element:

· Harmooniline Kodu uses Benpan Nordic technology, which is a big step forward in the production of concrete elements, where the main problem is the high weight and high price of the elements. Our elements are almost 40% lighter than conventional concrete. This provides financial savings both in production, transportation and crane power required during installation.

· The outer wall thickness starts at only 300mm. This makes the outer walls of Benpan-Nordic much thinner than a normal wooden frame or stone house. This, in turn, means +8-14% more net area compared to the area under construction. The exact wall thickness depends on which finish and wall covering material to use on the facade.

· With Benpan Nordic technology, it is possible to build passive houses with the best heat retention. The U-value of the wall is 0.15 - 0.20.

· The advantage of Benpan concrete elements is that the ventilation pipe can be installed inside the intermediate panel, ensuring the possibility of avoiding unsightly plaster boxes on the walls.

· When the foundation is ready, the installation time of Benpan Nordic concrete elements is only 4-5 days for a 156.1m2 house.

Homes have a fast construction time (22 weeks). Our home is special for its large glass walls and timeless functionalist architecture, so that nature and light always reach you. The whole house has 3 m high ceilings, which makes the house spacious and full of light. The house has landscaped and lit courtyards that provide light, bring nature into the room and also help to articulate the facade of the house. On the courtyard side is a large roof terrace that provides shade from both rain and sun.